Our Story

Living in reverse, we moved to a rural farm in beautiful Mississippi Mills, Ontario. Blue Hen Farm came with a rich history and we fell in love the moment we stepped into the warm kitchen on a cold winter day. Feeling like this old farm had been just waiting to be brought back to life, we dove in and haven’t looked back since!

As only the fourth owners in the farm’s history since 1918, we are so proud to have an opportunity to revive it. Come join us in our ups and downs – but mostly celebrate with us the joys – of beautiful Blue Hen Farm!

There’s lots happening on the farm this year with many great things to learn and discover. We believe in the collective power of people and that together we CAN make change!

Why Organic?

My “aha” moment came when my son asked me to watch a movie with him one night. Surprisingly, he had chosen a documentary on food, farming, and eco-sustainability. It literally changed the way I saw the world and how we fit into it. From that moment on, I realized that we had to start living in reverse if we wanted to have a hope of healthy living for future generations.

Organic, eco-friendly, and sustainable practices are the most harmonious and  harmless methods to successfully nuture our land and livestock.

With much gratitude to the three former owners of this land and property, who cared as much as we do.

Farm Gate Sales

At Blue Hen Farm, we have a number of specialty hand crafted items for sale at our farm gate stand.  From eggs and produce to handmade crafts.

We have coined our farm “small herd humane” to best describe our practices for breeding.  We are committed to not force breed our livestock and will not force weaning.  We allow the mothers a long break in between birthings to rest and recover.  In turn we have a strong, relaxed, healthy Mother who produces strong, relaxed, healthy offspring.

All of our protein product is taken on preorder only and is limited due to our practices.  We suggest if you are considering ordering, you do so well in advance to support humane breeding.


Call us at 613-434-2970 or email freerangethinking@hotmail.com